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Don't risk it. Know. Know what you're actually dealing with by having real data.
We can measure anything, anywhere, fast.


Using a variety of instruments, we capture existing conditions - topography, buildings, exterior/interior spaces, etc. - in highly accurate detail that allows for 2d and 3d measurement. These measurements form the basis for analysis, design, documentation, and quality control. We do this using the fastest, most accurate, non-contact instruments known... literally at light speed. Our capture process can be used for a project as small as a residential home, or as large as an entire university campus. The data we capture can be re-used and updated without limit and is easily integrated into many different software platforms. 


We create digital 2d plans and 3d models from the data we capture - or from data you provide. As-built 2d documents or 3d models are created for projects such as entire airports, hospitals, shopping centers, or high rise buildings. We have over 38 different deliverables including Revit, CAD, PDF, ArchiCAD, 3ds, Civil 3d, Bentley, and many others. Building Information Modeling, BIM, is one of our specialty areas of expertise.

We also offer a 360' HD photo bubble viewer that is web-based and allows for embedded site documentation.

Nothing we create is ever re-sold and all supporting data is provided to the client. Upon request, we also create encrypted deliverables for your security.


We are incredibly unique and believe it is better to assist others in achieving success in their mission, so we provide training on data capture, or technical modeling to anyone who wants assistance... including our competition. We are the experts within the markets we serve and would rather be the thought leaders driving forward the technology adoption curve and assisting others with customized integration.

Commonly, we're asked to assist end users who have made investments in people/technology to risk mitigate their project mission. We also work with universities throughout North America assisting them with education. 

Eco3d offers:

Point Clouds

Provide the foundation from which to create 2d and 3d digital replication

  • Laser Scanning Eco3d
  • digital 2d plans and 3d models
  • Eco3d Laser Scanning

HD photos

360° rotational bubble images from multiple project perspectives

  • 360* Photos
  • 360* Project Photos

BIM Services

3d modeling and virtual design construction throughout the project

2d Plans

Plan and elevation views in CAD/PDF

  • 2d Plans Eco3d
  • Plan and elevation views

3d models

Revit, CAD, Cyclone, 3dS, and more

  • 3d models Eco3d
  • 3d model examples Eco3d

Training and Consultation

How to laser scan and/or create 2d as-builts or 3d models

  • End User Training from Eco3d
  • Training and Consultation is Available

Virtual Training, Modeling, and Animation

Simplifying training for tasks; detailed 3d models and animations from virtually anything

  • Virtual Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Virtual Training


Strategic Alliances

  • Digimation
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