The Tipping Point

Economic Drivers of Emergent Technology - by Ken Smerz, CEO, Eco3d USA

as seen in LiDAR Magazine, May 2017

We’re about to undergo another revolution in the 3d imaging industry. Most of the major hardware and/or software manufactures have already announced new products, or are about to. Leica’s partnership with Autodesk and their new BLK360 is as revolutionary as FARO’s initial release of the 120 several years back. Their price point and transportability will lead to further democratization of laser scanning.

FARO and Trimble will be releasing new scanners as well, and there is a host of other smaller companies looking for a seat at the table. In fact, Trimble is acquiring just about every possible enterprise in imaging, 3d, and FM solutions at an astounding pace. They’re also completely bypassing the service provider’s network and going directly to end users to offer services. Autodesk is constantly changing their distribution methods and, more importantly, their sales channel marketing is also able to pursue end users directly.

So, what are the economic drivers for these manufacturers that will ensure their future success and foster even greater developments in technology? If asked, they’d tell you it’s their fantastic marketing or sensational sales teams. Some might suggest it’s a result of their industry-changing products. Personally, I’d call bullshit and tell you it has nothing to do with them, but has far more to do with the current and trending marketplace. Specifically, it’s being driven by the following factors:

I’m incredibly confident that we’re on the forefront of seeing these emergent technologies make significant impact on the industry, and that there’s a sensational growth curve/adoption rate yet ahead.

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