Change on the Horizon!

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published December 2016

To qualify the forthcoming opinion I'm about to give, I've been in the 3d imaging business for about 8 years, managing a 3d imaging service provider that isn't loyal to any hardware or software manufacturer. In face, we actively seek to work with them all, and use the best hardware/software. We average 3,200+ scans every week and create a wide variety of deliverables. I believe the 3d imaging industry is about to experience watershed events with the announcement of new products - both software and hardware. 

Instruments (predominantly LiDAR scanners) will change as follows:

Software enhancements will be as follows:

The overall net effect of these changes will lead to much greater democratization of the entire 3d imaging industry across existing and new vertical markets. The stakeholders will benefit from redcued costs that will permeate many industries. 

Ultimately we're still in a very small industry that remains highly fragmented with a variety of technologies. However as the adoption increases/improves, more centralization will occur. 

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