So, Why Didn't It Work?

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published August 2016

I believe it's mission critical to create "success plans" regradless of the area of focus in the 3d imaging industry. For years I've been writing about how you must have a plan that should include multiple synergistic objectives; assignment of responsibility; financial metrics; and accountability. 

I also believe it's important to identify your weaknesses, and make honest assessments. When you look at your business and consider the threats - both internal and external, what are the biggest? If your company completely craters and you lose everything, what caused it? This is not a new concept and is sometimes referred to as a "pre-mortem" whereby management pretends they failed catastrophically and do an analysis as to why the failure occurrred. 

So in our management meeting last month I gathered our division managers and project managers and asked - much to their shock, "...why did we fail?" The quizzical looks were expected and what followed was a great discussion about our own weaknesses as a company and within our industry. 

As it relates to our company (1 HQ office with 4 regional offices and 60+ full-time employees) we came up with the following: 



As usual, I appreciate your thoughts/comments and can be reached at 


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