Laser Scanning: Saving Thousands With Accuracy

by Ken Smerz

BOMA has been the leader in floor measurement standards for nearly 100 years. While the BOMA standards are recognized and used worldwide, there are two elements to the equation. You must have an accurate floorplan, as well as accurate calculations in order to produce exact rentable square footage. With standard rental rates per square foot as high as they are, it is understandable that both the renter and leaser would be concerned with getting the exact dimensions of their space. In a recent project Eco 3D was asked to determine the rentable square footage for a large office building in Florida. These numbers had been produced by another company, however there was a concern that the final count was not accurate. After surveying the site and producing an updated floorplan, Eco 3D found that due to incorrect dimensions and calculations there was a discrepancy of over 2,000 square feet on the sixth floor.  At a rentable price of $26 per square foot, this is over $50,000 a year in savings for the client, for just one of the six total floors. The findings on the remaining floors maintained consistency, and the project will ultimately pay for itself in less than a few months. This is one of multiple examples where having an accurate floor-plan and using the correct calculations in BOMA can save a company thousands of dollars.

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