The Right Target for Growth

Profiling the Ideal Client - by Ken Smerz, CEO, Eco3d USA as seen in LiDAR Magazine, March 2017   The 3d imaging world, as new as it is, has many companies in search of the right target audience to fund growth—and ideally, to provide recurring revenue. Do you really know what types of businesses can best fuel your growth? Who your ideal target client is? And who should you avoid altogether? I’m going to save you thousands of hours of wasted time and money…
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Change on the Horizon!

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published December 2016 To qualify the forthcoming opinion I'm about to give, I've been in the 3d imaging business for about 8 years, managing a 3d imaging service provider that isn't loyal to any hardware or software manufacturer. In face, we actively seek to work with them all, and use the best hardware/software. We average 3,200+ scans every week and create a wide variety of deliverables. I believe the 3d imaging industry…
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Higher Education? Save Your Money!!

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published July/August 2016 As the largest laser scanning service provider and 3d modeling staff in America, we're brought into universities throughout the nation to work with engineering, architectural, and construction management students. We provide several different courses in VDC/BIM, 3d modeling, and scanning. We're typically asked to provide a basic education and real world examples about the ever emerging technology of…
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So, Why Didn't It Work?

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published August 2016 I believe it's mission critical to create "success plans" regradless of the area of focus in the 3d imaging industry. For years I've been writing about how you must have a plan that should include multiple synergistic objectives; assignment of responsibility; financial metrics; and accountability.  I also believe it's important to identify your weaknesses, and make honest assessments. When you look…
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Laser Focus

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published June 2016 We’ve been very fortunate to have grown our lasers scanning and modeling business to more than 45 full-time employees with several offices throughout the nation. We never outsource any function/scope of our work and have aggressive plans for national expansion. Does that make us better than anyone else…? It does not. It is however a function of how we’re building our business. We have many key concepts—none…
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Why We Suck

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published May 2016 So…to my knowledge, my company is the largest scanning service provider in the United States—and by a long-shot. We have more full-time employees, cover more geography, and service more vertical markets than anyone. Am I bragging—no. I’m stating a fact and I honestly wish there were more who were to our scale because it would make us all more successful. There’s so much opportunity for all of us—it’s…
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Cash Strapped?

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published March/April 2016 Cash is King! No kidding, but when I can’t get my clients to pay for the jobs we deliver in a timely manner, that’s a significant issue for expenses…and little things like payroll. We actually have a chart we use to forecast accounts receivable versus costs, with intersecting lines that project when we are expecting to run out of cash. And there have been many times when it’s made me nauseous. Recognizing…
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Talent Search

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published Jan/Feb 2016 As a service provider, or even a self-performing in-house scan team—big or small—we’re faced with the challenge of hiring competent people to maintain, and presumably grow our business. So how do you identify and recruit individuals with the necessary skill set(s) in a 3d imaging business unit? Where do you find people who are trained in data capture (scanning) or 3d modeling? It’s a common complaint…
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I Told You So...

by Ken Smerz Scenario We recently worked with a client on a $800 hundred-million-dollar project on the east coast and to validate the elevator shafts and staircases of a newly constructed corporate headquarters. [We are a laser scanning & modeling service company.] The general contractor is a very large and well known national company that not only has a VDC/BIM Division, but aggressively markets that as a differentiator…
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Do It Yourselfers...Beware

by Ken Smerz, as seen in LiDAR Magazine, published December 2015 Contractors Owning Laser Scanners An emerging trend in the commercial construction world is for a contractor to start a department—deemed Virtual Design & Construction (VDC); Building Information Technology (BIM); or Technology/Innovation Group—to lead their company on the integration of 3d technology. The contractor purchases a laser scanner with very little quantifiable analysis or understanding…
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